Sunil Mishra




Creative Tech has been one of the most successful IT companies in India during last two decades. Only that it has started faltering of late. In a challenging and tumultuous business setup, Marshal Scott, a newly hired American CEO embarks on a transformation journey that starts on a high note but soon gets entangled with many unexpected issues. 

The employees on the other hand experience disenchantment with the demanding leadership, frequent policy changes and cultural conflicts. Satvik, a mid-level manager sees the direct implications of these changes that lead to multiple business disruptions and exits of many of his colleagues.  

Will the things ever be same again? Can Creative Tech tide over the disruption wave and reclaim its glorious past? What does employment mean for individuals and the corporates in the new digital world? Will the future of work be different from what was perfected after the Industrial Revolution?

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Transit lounge



"Transit Lounge" is a contemporary book consisting of short incidents, observations and reflections while travelling to 30 countries across six different continents during the last 15 years. 

The book is a personal account of travels to places in Africa , South America, Asia , Europe , USA, Australia and New Zealand.


The book is a compilation of small incidents and events during such travels; it includes losing an air ticket, dealing with difficult custom officials or getting mugged in a prime location in a foreign country.

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